Wouter Waaijenberg will be the new CEO of software developer, Nétive VMS, as of June 2024. He will succeed Patrick Tiessen, who, after co-founding Nétive VMS, led the company for twenty years. Previously, Waaijenberg served as the Commercial and MSP Director at Circle8 (formerly the Staffing Group), FixedToday, and People for Office. He also held the position of General Manager at Staffing Management Services (Staffing MS, now part of the HeadFirst Group).

“With market leadership in the Netherlands and a strong presence in the UK and Belgium, Nétive VMS is an organisation with over 70 dedicated individuals and plans to expand its international footprint. I have been following Nétive VMS with great interest and have been a customer and partner for many years. After getting to know my new colleagues in the first few weeks, I can say with even more enthusiasm that I am immensely motivated to bring my knowledge and experience to my new role,” Waaijenberg shares about his appointment.

“Nétive has achieved a remarkable position in the professional staffing market, and we have established a solid foundation for the next phase.”

The transition in leadership closely follows the 20th anniversary of Nétive VMS in November 2023. Current CEO Tiessen adds, “Passing the baton at this moment feels exceptionally good. Together with Chris Neddermeijer and Leon Vet, we started with the automation of hourly tracking only. Now, our VMS platform has become a Total Talent Suite. With this achievement, Nétive VMS has acquired a remarkable position in the professional staffing market and created an excellent starting point for the next phase.”

He continues, saying, “What I’m particularly proud of in our 20-year history is that we’ve remained independent. Additionally, our customers have never had to wait in line for contact; accessibility and flexibility have always been our priority. These have been essential components of our growth, and they will continue to be.”

Tiessen will remain involved with the organisation as an owner and shareholder. “Wouter started at Nétive VMS in September this year and will officially take over as Operations Director in January 2024 and from June 2024, he will be CEO. For my part, I will stay connected to the organisation and be involved at a strategic level. This includes focusing on external strategic partnerships.”

Nétive VMS currently collaborates with 300+ organisations in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Belgium. Waaijenberg says that in the coming years, he will primarily focus on increasing the visibility of Nétive VMS both domestically and internationally. “With the complete, enhanced product we have, it’s time to show potential customers what we have to offer comprehensively.”

The study concludes that the VMS market has evolved considerably over the past 15 years. Vendor Management Systems are most definitely evolving in conjunction with changing customer demands, technological applications and innovations. Whereas in the early years Dutch and Belgian users were mainly concerned with cost savings through the transparency offered by a VMS, in the years that followed there has been an emphasis on achieving and sustaining full compliance through satisfying all legal requirements around hiring. Nowadays VMS providers are increasingly responding to labor market developments; especially due to prevailing conditions in a market that faces a serious scarcity of external talent. 

He explains, “The digitalisation of the market is progressing at an increasingly rapid pace. This means we are going beyond just being a VMS. With our new product, Nétive Connect, we can integrate with many renowned systems and platforms used by customers and partners alongside Nétive VMS. This enables us to digitally connect hiring organisations, partners, and suppliers, allowing them to exchange essential data in a secure automated manner. Nétive Connect serves as the independent platform acting as a hub for the Total Talent Ecosystem towards customers, partners, and suppliers.”

As the incoming CEO, Waaijenberg concludes, “With two decades of expertise in the VMS market, we’ve continually evolved and explored our capabilities to better Nétive. A successful future lies in the synergy of our dedicated team, together with our valued customers and trusted partners. The labour market is a place where we can make a difference together and where we are eager to connect for a better labour market. Nétive VMS is proudly known as ‘workforce technology with a heartbeat’, a core essence we will embed for years to come.”

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