2020; The gauntlet to Total Talent

For what feels like forever, HR visionaries have enlightened us on the future of total talent management. Not only as a workforce strategy, but also as a core business model for the entire market to consider as part of their future resourcing strategy.

the search for talent using Nétive VMS

So how are you doing on total talent? A question we ask quite frequently. The maturity spectrum of organisations aiming to reach Total Talent Management is vast, and it might be safe to say that nobody has reached ‘the promised land’ just yet. The responses we have traditionally received were incredibly vague, and usually identified blocking issues such as organisational maturity, and ‘the promised land’ being a distant and tough place to reach. For the HR industry, a blocking issue was a lack of market potential and therefore difficulties in developing business cases with real substance.

One of the most significant prohibitive issues surrounding Total Talent, is that of operational maturity within business. Whilst the technology available to the market is quite sophisticated and mature in its capability of streamlining processes – many businesses just aren’t ready to adopt the technology, because their own maturity does not align. This is a clear indicator that technologies within the market must be agile enough to match that of businesses who could sit at any level of the maturity spectrum.

Permanent recruitment and contingent sourcing are not only different worlds within an organisation, but also in terms of tooling. On the ‘perm’ side of things, the hiring manager has the HR department, the corporate recruiter and/or the RPO service provider. And on the contingent side, the manager has the procurement department, an internal hiring desk and the organisation’s sourcing model like an MSP or preferred suppliers. The same distinction can be made in tooling. From HR and ATS systems on the one hand, to purchasing and VMS tooling on the other. Developing a service on such a multitude of tools pretty much kills all efficiency or requires costly integrations.

What is clearly changing, and has been a necessary change for some time; is the increasing overlap and collaboration between HR and Procurement to effectively close the gap. The most mature total talent management organisations have recognised this and have changed the way they operate to ensure HR and Procurement ‘sit at the same desk’. When an organisation looks to engage new talent; the question should not be ‘should we hire a permanent or a contingent worker’, instead it should be focussed on ‘who is the best person available for the job’. For any business to develop their maturity towards Total Talent Management, they absolutely must bring HR and Procurement closer together, so that there is a fully integrated approach to managing and executing upon that strategy.

However, what used to be vague is becoming increasingly concrete. Some organisations, Phillips as one, have adopted a Total Talent approach and have been showcasing their developments across a variety of events. The market for Total Talent, and the appetite seems to be growing and the amount of available solutions follows this same trend.

As a VMS technology provider however, we took it upon ourselves to remove the technology hurdle. We have been total talent enthusiasts for a long time, but now we have put our money where our mouth is. In 2019 we developed a multitude of total talent features to assist our clients in expanding the scope of their programmes from strictly contingent, to a combination of contingent and perm in a simplified tooling landscape. Our tool has been equipped with a Hiring Manager App that enables the manager to post contingent and perm resource requirements; we support separated perm and contingent workflows and we have added ATS features to accommodate the corporate or RPO recruiter.

For 2020, we are looking to extend the Nétive single lens, and through our ATS capabilities, even further fulfil the total talent prophecy.

We would love to hear the total talent challenges and objectives you have for the year ahead…