Netive VMS Statement of Work solution

Let’s get your client some IR35 visibility, shall we?

In response to the need of our prospective partners, we decided to accommodate the market with a stand-alone statement of work – worker management module that allows you to start creating visibility and compliance of all project workers of your client. Thereby instantly solving the compliance problem at hand and establishing the first building block of more extensive business. In this blog, Jack Newman tells you the ins and outs.

Market view

Talent acquisition leaders have said time and time again that identifying, attracting, and retaining talent is their biggest challenge. All the while, the makeup of their organisational talent base fluctuates to include employed permanent workers and a diverse range of contingent labour categories including LTD company contractors, PAYE workers, or service providers operating under a statement of work (SOW).

Over the last 18 months, and absolutely critical to remember is the fact that work hasn’t just stopped. The need to get work done is ever-present. We have seen change and adaptation, and as we could probably have expected, the market has diversified its methods of talent engagement. The need to effectively utilise contract workers and project or milestone based delivery continues to allow for a more flexible sourcing model, reducing overheads and ensuring greater alignment between expenditure and deliverables.

But a large portion of this external workforce and its associated spend is quite often invisible for many organisations – that portion is statement of work. The lack of visibility, its exclusion from traditional contingent labour management programmes, and lack of inclusion in traditional headcount tracking has made the opportunity/challenge of SOW, and the true application of Total Talent often quite difficult. The effective management of SoW has the potential to deliver substantial, tangible commercial value – and so it should be concerning that such a small percentage of organisations have excelled in their management as part of a holistic approach.

With this in mind, we have taken greater consideration in what is needed to launch your technology solution to your customers. For some, the requirement is a fully integrated Total Talent solution spanning all areas of our solution scope – for others, the requirement is initially good housekeeping and shining light onto the unknown workforce. Without this critical first step, effectively managing project or milestone based deliverables isn’t even an option.

Nétive Worker management: stand-alone statement of work solution

Nétive is able to support with identifying the unknown, and to bring oversight, control and compliance to Statement of Work. Through the user groups engaged in the solution, there is also a means of facilitating collaboration across the various business groups such as HR, finance and procurement. It helps to ensure value for money is delivered, or not – but absolutely critical ensuring that this is known, visible and transparent.

Nétive is now able to launch it’s Worker Management module independently from our VMS. It means that our partners are now able to leverage our multi-tenant architecture and apply our Worker Management functionality across their programme portfolio. The intention is to allow our partners to deliver a variety of services to begin demonstrating value, efficiency, and best practice in the SOW domain – focussed initially on visibility and compliance. Through Nétive’s component-based solution architecture, it then allows our partners to scale up their use of our solution as required. It may be that a full-scale end-to-end SOW proposition is then delivered, or a blended model to include MSP service through our VMS – all of this is now possible, starting any which way you wish.

How it helps IR35 compliance

Our aim within the SoW Worker Management module is to provide a continuous level of visibility and control over Statement of Work and all related resources, and we see this visibility as critical in allowing any sense of progression within Statement of Work more generally.

As an MSP or Master Vendor, you can inventory the total amount of external staff and the compliance thereof across your programme portfolio, taking into account the IR35 legislation. IR35 Status Determination Statement (in case of PSC), employee data, supplier chain, on- and off-boarding and digital file are aspects of SoW supported by this module.

You can define projects, the suppliers and/or contractors of the project can be registered and record the  employees associated with the project. If there are subcontractors, secondary suppliers of personnel or independent entrepreneurs, you as an MSP or Master Vendor can also register all subcontractors and request them to register their own personnel.

With the Worker Management module you are able to comprehensively manage the compliance across the chain of contracted and subcontracted workers and resources. Employee data, supplier chain tracking, on/off boarding and digital file documentation are aspects of SOW supported by this module.

  1. Establish a consistent process for identifying and reporting on all workers, regardless of job type, location or conditions.

  2. Ensure compliance with laws and regulations by automating processes for registering and checking all employee files.

  3. Reduce risks in the areas of access control, use of resources and other policy risks by automatically onboarding and offboarding employees.

  4. Prevent double and manual data entry through integrations with Procuration Systems, Personnel Information Systems, security and access systems.

  5. Have a centralised, standardised and holistic overview of the data surrounding your talent domains – enabling more data driven decision making.

In short, with the Worker Management module you can gain full visibility and control of the compliance across all SOW workers and resources.


  • Visibility
  • Compliance
  • IR35 oversight
  • Auditability
  • Control
  • Reporting on compliance
  • Streamlined implementation approach – quick to stand up to new customers
  • Allows for a scalable method of customer development – growing into end to end SOW or MSP or Total Talent
  • Considerate commercial business case to allow deployment to SME, mid-market and enterprise programmes

So what’s the next step?

We are happy to demonstrate the solution to you. We would be even happier if we could discuss a client case of yours to start drawing up a concept solution together with you! Drop me a line via my contact information below.

Want to learn more?

Would you like to know more about our implementation approach? We are happy to discuss this with you. With a use case in mind we can likely support your business case even more effectively!