CSR corporate social responsibility

Pounds and pounds of litter, including flagpoles and more

Martin Dullemond and Edwin van de Geijn always seem to find each other at the lunch table at the office.

As an athlete and cyclist, Martin likes to talk to his fellow vegetarian and triathlete Edwin. Both are also able to connect on topics larger than their own world. Starting with a responsible diet for yourself and how that relates to our environment. So, at some point, they felt it was time for them to take an initiative  that would contribute to our environment and take their colleagues along for the ride. And that’s where Edwin came up with the idea: ploggingMartin: Plogging? Edwin: Yes, the combination of jogging and collecting litter. Jogga + plocka upp as they say in Sweden. Martin: That would be very welcome in the area where our office is, as it  has two fast food chains in the vicinity.

And so,  between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, with the Municipality of Rijswijk supplying the materials, a run/pick campaign took place for Nétive colleagues which also allowed us to befriend companies from the neighbourhood. Pounds and pounds of rubbish including cups, bags, but also a flagpole and even a bicycle were removed. A small and pleasant effort for a fresher looking street and a small contribution to the living environment.

Plogging Netive VMS

Since then, we have also been following the Zwerfinator closely, which presents problems and solutions for litter with gusto.