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Referencecase IQ Talent Solutions with Netive VMS

The Challenge & Rationale

InterQuest Group is a market leading Total Talent business that specialises within high growth areas of the new digital economy. Providing best in class integrated talent solutions to its customer base, IQ Talent Solutions (part of the InterQuest Group) had originally produced an RFI and RFP process to explore the possibilities across the VMS market. During this process, IQ Talent Solutions engaged Nétive to determine where additional value could be provided across their MSP and workforce management portfolio. It was deemed that the previous IT solution utilised within the Group was becoming increasingly unable to meet the ever changing objectives and needs of their customer base, and acted as a potentially restrictive solution as part of the client services for the future. IQ Talent Solutions was also keen to understand where operational and strategic efficiencies can be found across their tooling landscape.

The wishes for IQ Talent Solutions:

  • Source a technology that can grow with our clients needs
  • More collaborative partnership; being involved with the development of technology
  • Roadmap of innovation including SOW capability
  • Self-service capacity and flexibility in configuration
  • Enhanced reporting options for end customers and MSP
  • Create invoices and invoice information
  • Responsiveness in service requests and issues
  • Possibilities for interfacing and integrations with back office systems
  • Configurable and automated compliance

The main objectives in selecting an appropriate VMS solution spanned multiple areas, including but not limited to: flexibility in workflow configuration; interfacing with back office applications to mitigate manual work; 100% compliance to local law and legislation and quicker, more agile implementations for new IQ Talent Solutions’ clients.

‘The people we engage with are just as important as the technology.’

The Solution

The Nétive VMS system is designed upon multi-tenant architecture, whereby the multi-tenant solution can be utilised by IQ Talent Solutions to allow them to service multiple workforce management programmes and customers within the single solution. Through multi-tenancy, IQ Talent Solutions can create organisation specific workflows to meet the particular requirements of their customer, where customisation or standardisation can be made per customer.

The intention was to implement the Nétive solution in phases, initially to 4 customers of IQ Talent Solutions. It was deemed appropriate to ensure launch dates for each customer were staggered, however implementation itself was managed as one, with multiple parallel workstreams per customer. This was a significant benefit to IQ Talent Solutions in being able to launch seamlessly and quickly to multiple customers in an efficient and scalable way.

The project approach from Nétive can be defined as part of our ‘standard methodology’, which is a flexible implementation framework divided into 6 core phases, from initiation to evaluation. It was decided that the end customer involvement would be kept to a minimum to ensure an efficient and focussed implementation process. The specific requirements, wishes and the voice of the customer was spoken by the different account teams of IQ Talent Solutions, who are engaging daily with the end customer.

As a component based solution, Nétive is able to meet the end to end scope of a workforce management programme, or instead specific parts of an end to end workflow. In this scenario, the solution is being utilised from job requisition through to invoicing across multiple programmes and multiple customers. This ensured that Nétive met one of the key IQ Talent Solutions’ criteria of providing a flexible solution for managing complex workflows across various customers with various needs.

Some of the end customers had specific requirements for SSO, and this was achieved during data uploads to ensure a seamless sign on process for the user base to encourage a greater level of engagement and adoption at launch.

Given the limited involvement of the end customer, it ensured that Nétive was able to accommodate a parallel implementation for the initial 4 customers at the same time. The timeline for the entire implementation project was 12 weeks, and aligned to the immediate 4 launching customers. Nétive typically implements a multi-tenant environment in a shorter timeframe, however in this instance where the requirement was to launch to multiple customers at one time, parallel workstreams required a slightly longer implementation investment.

‘Functionally Nétive checked all the boxes, but the cultural alignment was our deciding factor.’

The Benefit

Nétive has been able to successfully configure, implement and deploy its VMS solution to IQ Talent Solutions, and to fulfil requirements for its launching customers. This has enabled them to meet the needs of their customer now, and ensure through their technology that they can continue to bring innovation and developments to the talent acquisition maturity of the customer. Through Nétive combining VMS, ATS and SOW functionality, it allows for IQ Talent Solutions to increase the scope of their service, and to enable a high quality total talent management programme, retaining operational efficiencies through a centralised technology.

Now being utilised across multiple accounts, Nétive acts as a centralised solution supporting the full spectrum of IQ Talent Solutions’ engagements across their workforce management programmes. It allows for a centralised financial function to underpin timesheets, invoicing and reporting.

Having a centralised tooling strategy has also allowed for organisation-wide familiarity and understanding of the solution. This has ensured that not only Nétive and IQ Talent Solutions can benefit from operational efficiencies, but their customers have been able to benefit from zero operational downtime and streamlined delivery. Both now, and as a continued exercise, this will allow IQ Talent Solutions the ability for self-sufficiency, and to provide an agile service to its customers. Through training and self-development, IQ Talent Solutions has a fully skilled operational team who are able to directly manage issues and make changes within the solution promptly.

A key benefit moving forward, and powered through multi-tenancy, is IQ Talent Solutions’ ability to quickly and efficiently stand up scalable talent solutions – no more long, painful implementation cycles.

Through consolidated reporting and analytics, IQ Talent Solutions remains relevant as a strategic partner to its customer base.

We are proud to be able to exist in a valued, trusting and collaborative working partnership – allowing transparency and customer-centricity. On the ground dedicated resources on both sides ensure accessibility and availability to be agile in responding to customer specific needs and requirements. 

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