Nétive landing in the UK

Experience of Nétive VMS entering UK market

In January we were in a completely different position. We just started in the UK with local colleagues and looking back, how nice it is when local colleagues pick things up immediately and the customers / partners also like this. We started with several implementations at 2 large HR service providers in the UK. Even brought several programs live at these partners.

At one of the 2 partners we also won an award as most successful external project at the client of this partner. We hope to be able to tell you more about this soon. And then in 3 months time not only the UK changes, but the whole world changes.

Because of the Corona virus all our 50 colleagues work from home, all our visits and demos are now online. We do miss these visits of course, but there is also a degree of efficiency in this process so we can still make great steps. At Nétive we have also adapted to the current Corona situation.

For the time being we assume that after Q2 we will be able to do business in the normal way again and also possibly apply in the future things we have learned in this time. Then of course the following change: IR35.

As you will know by now, IR35 across the private sector has been delayed to 2021 due to the current global crisis. Nétive has planned, prepared and implemented IR35 as part of its core considerations. So whilst legislation doesn’t change until 2021, it doesn’t mean you cannot get ahead of the curve, and enter April 2021 with a clear mind.

Finally, we’ve also written a document on Netive’s view of the market. Send me an email and I’ll send you the document. See you again and until then, stay healthy!

Patrick Tiessen