Netive VMS roadmap 2021

2020, a year that will stick out in the history books – one we won’t forget, though one we are glad to move on from. We extend to you our very best wishes for 2021!

As early as March, we all had to adapt to change and whilst unaware at the time, extended throughout the year. That was the story of 2020 and, like everyone else, we were constantly aiming for progress during this pandemic. Covid-19 did not make it easy for many, both on a personal level and, of course, on a business level. We saw in some of our customers and partners, mainly in the aviation, transport and hospitality sectors, that hiring was reduced to a minimum. In other sectors, in which we are active, such as healthcare, local and central government, more hiring was completed than in other years. This mix ensured that Nétive performed well during the year, with some adjustments here and there. We now see at the beginning of 2021, there is stability in the number of flex-work contracts, alike the level at the end of 2020.

We can also see that a large area of focus for MSP partners has been on risk-resillient sectors that were stable, or even in growth during the pandemic. Or they are ensuring that existing programmes are expanded, either within the organisation or abroad.

In addition to the fact that Nétive is, of course, also partly affected by Covid-19, we have managed to find a way around this in 2020: All 43 employees have been working almost entirely from home since March. We implement our software remotely. It has given us great confidence in our implementation approach, and the benefit to our partners. Demos of the software and training courses are given online. We fully inform our clients via webinars and video meetings.

And what I don’t want to forget to tell you is that we are already very successful with our 2020 launch in the UK! We have hired two greatly aligned colleagues and have now connected 3 partners and installed dozens of programs. Something to share with pride, especially considering the Covid-19 and Brexit perils.

As far as the development of the software is concerned, we have not changed our focus. On our roadmap the development of Statement of Work was already planned as a core focus. This allowed us to devote more time to perfecting the Project Tracking module of Statement of Work.

In a Statement of Work (SoW) you record the activities, prices, (partial) results and timelines that you have agreed with your supplier. Because an SoW can arise anywhere in your organisation and is almost always classified under a different budget as ‘normal’ hiring, getting to grips with all the costs and processes arising from a SoW is very complex.

This new module has enabled us to realise our ambition to offer a complete Workforce application with a Vendor Management System (VMS) for external hiring. A Dynamic Purchase System (DAS) to lawfully hire freelancers according to the formal tendering procedure. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for the recruitment of permanent staff. Now also Statement of Work (SoW) for the management of outsourced work.

In this strange year we have had several things to celebrate, including a top 10 result as Best Workplaces in the Netherlands. I am extremely proud of the team because, among other things, we have achieved this together. Fortunately there is now light at the end of the tunnel with several vaccines. It will take some time before we are in the new / old ‘normal’.

Like many other organisations, we have also learned from this period and will take all kinds of things with us to the post Covid-19 time: working partly from home, travelling less and informing our customers and partners online will probably be an important part of Nétive’s working method. In terms of new developments, Nétive chooses to further deepen our VMS, a new look and feel for the entire application which also improves user-friendliness and the release of new versions for Statement of Work based on input from our users.

Another important subject Nétive chooses in 2021 is ‘artificial intelligence’ or AI. In many industries this has already been started. We want to take steps in this area in combination with our platform supplier Salesforce. In 2020, we already have quite some experience with this subject. How nice would it be if the technology could, for example, advise you where to look for the SAP Consultant and what effect it has on recruitment if you adjust your job profile? This technology also provides insight into all kinds of diversity issues. These kinds of questions and answers become reality with the Einstein technology which is fully integrated in our VMS.

For further roadmap issues I would like to refer you to the 2021 Nétive Roadmap webinar on 14 January, which will also be dedicated to this subject. Mike van der Wal, Director of Product Development will give much more information during the webinar.

Last but not least, I wish you a healthy 2021 and success with all your activities and challenges. And I hope that we will be able to meet again in person, in 2021, as soon as Covid-19 has been curbed.