A multi-tenant VMS, implemented in under 5 weeks. But how?

From our experience in the HR market we understand that new HR solutions should be able to spin up and change fast. There has been a cry for fast change management, and an increase in the agility which solutions can provide; applicable to both the HR services and HR tooling landscape. When we built our Vendor Management System, we took these requirements into account. Now, we are able to set up a multi-tenant environment for new, or existing HR partners like MSP’s in a matter of weeks. Let us take you through the ‘how’.

The Salesforce platform

One of our most important software architecture decisions was to build our solution on the Salesforce platform. For new environments, based on this platform we have the technical cloud infrastructure for our new clients available within a couple of days notice. By default, the architecture will adhere to the highest possible data security standards and protocols.

Implementation requires configuration – not development

Our product development team makes sure that the application can be set up by a system administrator of our client and that no involvement of a programmer is required. This cuts out any dependencies on sprint planning of development teams, ensuring maximum self-sufficiency within our clients.

Speaking of self sufficiency..

For existing, new and updated functionality, configurability by a system administrator is taken into account to limit the dependancy of our clients to ourselves. For more complex configuration aspects, our team of customer success consultants is equipped with special tooling to set up the workflows and page configurations. This tool is called the ‘process builder’. This process builder also provides us with a database of workflows and page configurations. During the implementation of the project, these ‘blueprints’ can be used for the leanest design process ever.

Project governance

The architecture of our system together with our team of consultants are the key ingredients to a successful implementation. Our project managers have experience with tri-party implementations and our implementation consultants understand our system as well as our (local) business.

Nothing left to do but scale!

With Nétive’s multi-tenant architecture, our continuous co-design approach, our pledge to provide self-sufficiency to our partners and the scalability of our implementation approach, Nétive can bring a mature VMS solution to life in five weeks. When our partners then scale to a second or third end-customer, we again see a reduction in required implementation time and effort, where the multi-tenant environment is already in place.

Want to learn more?

Would you like to know more about our implementation approach? We are happy to discuss this with you. With a use case in mind we can likely support your business case even more effectively!