Managed Service Providers (MSP) – Powered by Nétive VMS

  • As companies expand their use of an extended workforce, the management of temporary resources becomes more complex, resulting in an increased need for a professional managed service. Centralization of the hiring process, leveraging of suppliers services at competitive rates, guarantees for 100% realisation and management of compliance risks become high priorities. Many organisations outsource these processes to a Managed Service Provider (MSP), but in such a turbulent market, remaining relevant to customers at all times can be a challenge for MSPs.
  • When choosing an MSP solution, customers want to know their MSP is a step ahead and looking out for new innovative solutions. It is important for the customer to know the MSP is working to continuously improve and a key question here is: which tool will it use as a solution?

MSP ensuring compliance

Currently, the highest priority for almost every customer is compliance. The Managed Service Provider wants to give a 100% compliance guarantee, regarding external rules as well as internal rules. Examples are:

  • Taking care of the complete contract processing for the hiring of contingent workforce, secondments as well as the engagement of independent contractors. All supporting documents easily accessed: from an auditor’s certificate to general hiring conditions; a service contract to a work permit of a non-EEA national; these can be arranged on a supplier, resource or assignment level.
  • Onboarding and offboarding resources. Making sure the resources have the correct tools, access cards and access to systems if necessary, and that they hand in all items upon finishing their engagement.
  • Fully supporting applicable rate cards for AWR and PAYE workers, including enabling you to correctly apply rate changes after the 12 week qualifying period within AWR.
  • Full compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensured by our privacy by design architecture.

Optimisation of the contingent hiring process

Once the hiring and engagement processes are under control and managed in a compliant manner, optimisation is the next step. Are all suppliers able to run the hiring process smoothly? Are all internal approvals by hiring managers correct? Are approvals being delayed? What are the bottlenecks? What is the level of satisfaction of suppliers and hiring managers? Are the suppliers submitting enough candidates? All of these questions are important at this stage of the hiring process.

MSP saving costs

We believe that cost reduction is a joint effort between tooling, Managed Service Provider and customer. In general, a successful joint effort will lead to a cost reduction of 10 to 15%, thanks to:

  • Improved purchasing
  • Process optimisation
  • Optimal supplier management

Managed Service Providers can greatly improve their margins by, among other things, optimising the hiring process and managing all customers and suppliers in one location.

We provide support to existing and prospective clients in building a business case estimating a realistic return on investment by optimising your contingent workforce management using our tool.

Support with RFPs and tenders

Managed Service Providers are frequently asked to participate in an RFP or tender process.  Nétive’s MSP partners can count on our substantive support during such processes.

How does Nétive VMS support MSP’s?

  • Full VMS: Nétive delivers the foundation of an enterprise level VMS as the backbone of the MSP service.
  • Multitenant: Unique about Nétive VMS is its multitenant architecture, that enables the MSP to service multiple clients from a single environment. This principle allows MSP’s to develop their business for midmarket programmes, while maintaining programme efficiency.
  • Programme expansion opportunities: SoW and Perm recruitment support allows for combination service solutions, including e.g. RPO or SoW-MSP.
  • Fast implementation: Because of the smart multitenant architecture, the technical implementation of a new programme can be done in days.
  • Uncomparable autonomy: MSP’s can configure the tool virtually independent of the VMS provider.
  • Shortest servicecycle: For VMS configuration changes that require us, through our continuous co-design service concept, those changecycles have a lead time of days.