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Master Vendor

Master Vendors are the point of contact for the customer. By centrally managing the hiring process and by strategically using multiple suppliers you can offer maximum supply reliability.
Managing multiple suppliers takes a lot of time; preselecting proposed candidates, processing timesheets and consolidating invoices are all substantial processes. Furthermore, responsibility for compliance lies with the Master Vendor while proactively predicting and fulfilling sourcing needs lie with the customer. Despite the great responsibility, the margins are often squeezed.

Effective and efficient management of a Master Vendor simply using Excel sheets is impossible. The combination of the services provision with a vendor management system that specifically supports master vendors makes it a unique proposition to the customer. This leads to the following advantages:

Outsource as much work as possible

Large amounts of manual administrative tasks for high volumes and low prices are disastrous for the margins of the Master Vendor proposition. The technology increases efficiency by making hiring managers, suppliers and the Master Vendor go through the entire process from sourcing needs to invoicing via simple, and mostly automatically, auto-filled screens.

Ensuring compliance

For your customer, compliance is an important enough reason to centralise and automate the hiring process. As a Master Vendor, you will not only deal with your own candidates, but also with your secondary suppliers’ candidates and independent contractors.

After the setup, the VMS will flawlessly determine which documents need to be uploaded, approved or reviewed;  external files will almost automatically become compliant. Non-compliance is automatically identified and reported to the relevant stakeholder.

Master Vendors can guarantee the customer 100% compliance with GDPR as the technology has specific support for this legislation.

Correct supplier management

Supplier reliability is the first thing that the customer assesses the Master Vendors by. Is the Master Vendor able to supply a continuous and timely stream of suitable candidates, even during peak times? In order to maintain this performance in a cost-efficient manner, intensive cooperation with other agencies is essential. Each of these professional relationships needs to be managed as well as each supplier’s performance.

The VMS offers a transparent overview of all supplier performances and offers guidance to help improve partnerships with all agencies. Furthermore, job requisitions are submitted to suppliers within minutes via a mobile app that managers can use on their phone.

Continuous process optimisation

Do you want to know where the process stagnates and where it can be improved? By utilising the VMS for all steps of the hiring process, full visibility of the process is established. Thanks to the 24/7 real-time available management information and automatic alerts issued for ‘underperformance’, a continuous improvement process can be developed.