Kids programming first algorithm

Kids from The Hague programmed their first algorithm!

My colleague Rick and I visited a group of 5th graders at a primary school in The Hague in November 2021 for their first Digital Skills lesson.

Super fun to do! The children reacted very enthusiastically when we started programming a Sandwich Robot with them using a step-by-step plan. The children also learned a new word that day: algorithm! They thought it sounded really cool. They also learned that it is quite difficult to program a computer. Something that Rick does every day. The children worked in separate pairs and therefore we saw different results every time the exercise was done. Along the way, they became very eager and creative at the same time. Their interest in the digital world was profound! This was a great experience for us and and we were happy to contribute to this digital skills lesson.

Nétive VMS took this initiative in collaboration with JINC.