Combining ATS, VMS and FMS in one truly integrated solution, we help you source for the future


Nétive was founded by Chris Neddermeijer, Patrick Tiessen and Leon Vet in August 2003. The name Nétive is made up from the first two letters of the founders’ surnames. Nétive started with 2 customers and currently has over 230 customers.

Nétive is the market leading VMS within the Netherlands, and we have over 20 years of experience within the VMS market, and currently serve more than 200 Contingent Workforce programmes across 10 countries. We are a business in a mindset of continuous development and improvement, where we aim to respond to, and exceed the requirements of our customers and partners. Our ambition is to fully support our partners and clients in all levels of maturity around the management and implementation of their flexible workforce programme. Through an agile and component based architecture, we combine applicant tracking (ATS), Vendor Management (VMS), Statement of Work (SoW) and Freelancer Management (FMS) into one truly integrated solution, hosted within Salesforce.